How to write product description (that persuades people to buy)

If you are running an eCommerce store, chances are that you focus all your time on the product creation, marketing, design etc to generate more sales.

Who doesn't?

But one area often ignored by store owners is writing good product descriptions which can significantly increase your sales.

Whether you are selling custom made jewelry designs, hand crafted products, fashion products online or selling products from a vendor, it is absolutely crucial to have an enticing description.

What's an enticing description and why do you need one for your products?

An enticing description is a way to attract, tempt and persuade people to buy your product.

No matter how many products you sell on your site - 10's, 100's or even thousands, it's important that you spend good amount of time writing product descriptions that persuades your customers to buy your products.

Lets dive into an example.

I came across an online jewelry store recently. Don't know how I stumbled upon their website (I wasn't looking to buy Jewelry).

Being an eCommerce Consultant, I always get curious to see what other online stores are doing differently to get customers. So, I looked at the first product and it was described as "Turquoise, 18K Gold Plate Bars And Chain Necklace".

With a description this short, it's hard to figure out if this is the right necklace to be bought as a present. I am sure even a women obsessed with jewelry would have a hard time deciding if its the right choice for her or not. After all, it costs $400-$500.

So what should the product description be?

Well, in this case, a description that describes the look and feel of the necklace in a way that the buyer can already view her wearing this necklace in the back of her mind.

Something like this:

"Hot/Brand new Chain Necklace with Turquoise beads and 18K Gold Plate Bars handcrafted to make you look beautiful and elegant. Perfect for an evening party or a cocktail function.

Fine Details:
-Product Code
-Other relevant details

If you like this turquoise beads design, you might also like the matching turquoise beaded earrings available in the shop here: (insert upselling link here)

Key points you should keep in mind about making your product description better?

1.) Write unique content

By writing unique content, you can: 

a.) Capture the attention of your potential customers.

Once you get your potential customers to relate to your product, it's much more likely that they will click on BUY button to proceed further. Even if they are not ready to buy at that very moment, chances are that they will share your products with their friends on social media or "Add to the Wishlist" to come back to buying your product.

b.) Rank better in search engines. 

A unique product description also lets your product page marked not as duplicate, rank better & help customers find you through search engines.

Writing unique product description takes time but works for boosting your sales. For store owners who sell products from another manufacturer or brand, it's a must.

2.) Address customer's questions/objections

Many store owners believe that writing a short description about what the product is good enough for their customers to know. An enticing product description is written from a customer's perspective and includes answer to their questions & objections.

How they can use the product, how they will feel when using the product and what impact will it have on the customer forms the basis of a good product description.

3.) Keep SEO in mind & use targeted keywords

First step to optimize the product description is to find out which keywords you want to target. For this you can use Google's Keyword Tool and get ideas on which keywords people are typing to search on Google.

The next step is to include the targeted keywords in different product's title & description.

In simple words, it's a way to telling the search engines and your potential customers, what your product is all about. Organic search will prove to be a source for high traffic thereby generating more sales for you.

4.) Add a video description (if possible)

Adding video demos of your product can significantly increase your sales. Videos help in connecting your audience to your brand and to your product. A great example of using Video to reach more customers is DollarShaveClub. Check their awesome video here.

Videos can also help you to drive traffic back to your website through Youtube and other video channels.

5.) Don't forget to include fine details

Without fine details, your product description is incomplete. Information like Shipping, Size, Weight, Product Code etc. applicable to the product should be included.

These details are often best put as bullet points, collapsible tabs without taking much space on the product page. In short, it covers additional information that your customers need to know before adding your product to Cart/Shopping Bag.

Are all these details in the product description necessary?


Imagine if a customer stumbled upon your product page from google after searching for "insert your targeted keyword" or Turquoise Beads Necklace in this case, would there be enough information there to make the sale? Will it address customers objections? 

I’d love to tell you that creating a product description that persuades users to buy the product is easy.

I’d love to tell you that all you need to do is follow a few formulas.

But creating an enticing product description isn’t just about choosing the right words, selecting a readable font, and having nice product pictures.

You need to do much more than that.

Create desire by appealing to both emotion & logic and think of every product page as a landing page to make that sale. Think about it from your customers perspective and how you can persuade them to take their credit card out of their wallet and pay you for your product.

Over to you

Are you writing short description about your products or a description that is targeted for your customers?

Let me know in the comments!

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