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Launching a new book and selling using Shopify Store

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Going Dutch The Book is a book by Cassandra Dallas.


Creating a minimalistic store selling a single book on Shopify.

Which service they chose

Since this store needed to be designed in a minimalistic way as the book needed to be launched, we helped Cassandra on a fixed price depending upon what was required to create the store.

How the work was carried out

We chose a free Shopify theme and using Shopify sections, we were able to place different sections that would tell the visitors about the book in a step by step process. To grab visitors' attention, we created a big banner that basically defined what the book was all about and added a tagline to the banner. Then we added the book cover using the "Featured Product" section so that people can add the book to their cart. Below this section, we added info about the book and the author.


The store was setup and designed within the timeframe of 10 business days.


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