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Custom Store Development on Shopify


Senterfolds is a brand based in Atlanta, Georgia, devoted to the exploration of youth and consumption.


Setting up the store on Shopify and customizing the pages according to the design.

Which service they chose

We suggested Michael to choose our Shopify Store Setup service and Shopify Theme Tweaks service to develop the site according to the design requirements

How the work was carried out

First, we setup the basic store using a theme that would closely match the design requirements. Once the basic store setup was completed, we modified the store layout to match the exact design that was sent to us in the form of psd/jpg file format. From implementing the fancybox popup and carefully crafting how the pop-up functions for every page of the site whether it was the videos page, blog page or just the profile page.


The store was setup and developed within 2 weeks for them to launch and start selling their products.


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